A scented gift from Lignano

From this year also Lignano Sabbiadoro has a particular gift, a typical object, designed and created to offer tourists a special and pleasant memory of the beach holiday.

The typical souvenir of Lignano Sabbiadoro to take home, is a completely vegetable soap, made with local plants and with a golden and bright colour as the sand of our beach.
With its delicate aroma and its nutrients, this soap solid and liquid will wrap you in a warm embrace, thinking back to the summer, the sun and the sea.

"Sabbia d'Oro 24 Kt", the name of the soap, is the result of a long project that lasted more than eight months to find the right balance among the substances of the plants, the golden colour and the good smell.

To do so, it has been called the most famous "nose" in Europe, directly from Grasse in France. After some visits in Lignano, he created the essence of the soap, inspired by the summer flora of the beach of Friuli and the creation of the soap, in different shapes and sizes, has been assigned to one of the oldest soap factories in Italy.

All this work to give you a nice product of high quality, completely vegetable, that can be used by children and adults.
The used nutrients are, in addition to the extracts of local medicinal herbs, the beta-carotene and the vitamin E, very important for skin care.

The soap, as said, is solid in the shape of an ingot of 50, 220 and 500 grams or of a heart, and liquid, 300 and 500 ml.
Both have the golden colour of the sand, gave by the mineral pearls and the glycerine. The liquid soap, in addition, contains also pot marigold, aloe barbarensis, verbena, sage and moisturizing herbal extracts, very useful to keep the skin hydrated and healthy throughout the year, not only in the summer after the day on the beach.

For this year you can find the soaps inspired by the area of Sabbiadoro, recognizable even by the image of Terrazza a Mare on the label. The next summer, probably, there will be the soaps inspired by the zones of Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera.

Even in winter you can experience the smells of the beach and the warm embrace of the city of Lignano in your own home, thanks to this wonderful souvenir.
But if you want to take home a piece of summer, hurry up!
The soaps are limited edition and you can find them only in the store Profumia in Via Friuli in Lignano Sabbiadoro.