Aquaticrunner Individual World Championship 2019
Date 08/09/2019 Sport Place: Lignano Sabbiadoro - Piazza Marcello D'Olivo

Aquaticrunner is an halfmarathon part swimming and part running from Grado to Lignano Sabbiadoro, across the 5 islands of the Marano Lagoon.

This year the competition is Individual World Championship.

It will start from Grado at 7am and arrive in Lignano Pineta, area Tenda Bar-Piazza Marcello D'Olivo.

The route is very similar to that of the past few years, with a total of 32 km: 6,3 km swimming and 25,7 km running.

The Aquaticrunner is a very strong competition, but, at the same time, is fascinating because it is unique.

Here is the program of the competition:

  • 6:50 am START (from Grado, facing G.I.T.)
  • 9:30 am Live Broadcast on 9 Italian regions with "CAFE’TV24" and web streaming from Lignano, arrival area http://cafetv24.it/
  • 14:30 END - Arrival in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo in Lignano Pineta
  • 14:45 awards

In case of bad weather, the start will be postponed by 3 hours, starting 10.00 am and awards at 5.45 pm. In case of particularly adverse weather conditions the race will be held entirely in Grado, starting at 12.00.

Other information

Organized by:

ASD. Triathlon Lignano Sabbiadoro


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